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“I really like Hunter Thompson; he’s very caring.  I felt good from the treatments and care that I received from ​H​unter.  The day after my first acupuncture was the best I’ve ever felt in my whole life.” -S.M.

“The words that immediately come to mind when I think about my experiences in the treatment room with Hunter Thompson are: safe, unconditional acceptance, deep listening, and calm precision. Hunter provides a safe, healing space for me to share my deepest emotions and concerns, which is free of judgment and criticism. … I feel completely safe in his presence and blessed to be in treatment with someone who truly understands the way I feel and how those feelings manifest in my body.” -B. L.

“Hunter Thompson has been an invaluable partner in my wellness journey this past year … He honors the medicine that is 5 Element Acupuncture and always holds me to my highest. He is respectful, selfless and caring as he works with me in his treatment room. I highly recommend Hunter as an Acupuncturist.” – J. M.

“I began acupuncture treatment with Hunter Thompson about 4 years ago … The treatments were incredibly helpful … Hunter is a caring and careful practitioner, taking time to understand where I am both physically and emotionally and tailoring my treatment appropriately. I can’t recommend him highly enough,” – K. W.

“In his presence I know that I am whole and that I am cared for in my wellness journey. I highly recommend Hunter Thompson as an Acupuncturist. – J. K.

“I first came to Hunter Thompson with a knee injury and for help with my COPD. After the first few treatments my knee pain and swelling were significantly reduced and I was able to walk without my cane. My breathing became easier with treatment. I have not had any significant respiratory problems since treatment began. Hunter has been caring and effective for my short and long-term health issues.” – M. B.

“I absolutely love seeing Hunter Thompson for acupuncture. Before acupuncture I had chronic neck and shoulder pain which was quickly relieved. Sometimes I go to treatments not knowing anything is out of balance and leave feeling like a different person. It’s amazing how acupuncture can treat the body and symptoms that I don’t even know I have. I would go to treatment every day if I could! Hunter has an amazing healing presence and I feel at peace being in his treatment room. Acupuncture can work wonders for everyone and the unique, specialized treatments are designed to make the whole body, mind and spirit balanced.” – B. B.